SweetStamp - Frosting Set

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The SweetStamps Frosting Set contains both Upper and Lower Case Alphabets plus Numbers and symbols .

This set can be used for cupcakes and cookies but also for big cakes and cake boards (see photo examples )  

The Colour Coded sets come in a handy storage tray (pictured), and a presentation box  so you can keep track of your letters easily. All letters are layed out in alphabetical order and at the direction they are to be embossed in, meaning choosing your lettering is quick and easy.

We also have a round Pick Up Pad listed separately which isn’t essential , but is a great timesaver if you need to repeat your chosen wording on several cupcakes or cookies . 

Simply remove the required letters from its ‘tray’ - we recommend using a scribe tool or a small ball of soft fondant to lift them out - press into the sugarpaste, lift off and there you go - beautifully embossed wording 😊.

You can use any edible paints or lustre dusts to then paint within the embossed letters if you wish