Sweet Stamp Acrylic Stamps

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Last chance to buy at the Promotional Price of £40 for the Alphabet sets (RRP £43.50).   

There are 5 Alphabet sets available to choose from, Elegant, Curly, Handwritten, Classic or Cookie. Each set contains both Upper and Lower Case Alphabets. The Cookie and Classic sets contain upper case, lower case, and also numbers and symbols . Please select your chosen font from the drop down menu below. 

The Curly And Elegant number sets include st, nd, rd and th 

Also listed are the Large and Round Tacky Pads. Simply line up your letters, lay the tacky pad on top and then press this into your fondant/ganache or buttercream - lift off and paint . (See photos below) 

It's never been easier and prettier to apply personalized messages to your Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and Cake Boards 

Using SWEET STAMP couldn't be easier. Here's how using the Tacky Pad, but this isn’t essential, you can place the letters by hand and press gently into the fondant, buttercream or ganache then lift off and paint . 👇🏻