Proud Prints - Lilly Lace

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This gorgeous Lilly Lace design Proud Print embossing stamp measures approx 80mm so is the perfect size for domed cupcake toppers  as well as disc toppers and cookies . * the lace design goes right to the outer edge *

Made here in the U.K. from foodsafe acrylic by Lilly at Robinson and Roche 

For the non faint-hearted, you can use a fine detail brush and edible paints , ( a little patience required 😉) or lightly brush all over with an edible lustre dust to really make the design pop .

Simply roll out your fondant , the the embosser on top (design side down) and press firmly all over.  Lift off and cut the fondant with a pastry cutter . 78mm for domed cupcakes or 68 for flat discs