Sale/Slight Seconds/Discontinued

Slight Seconds and Clearance products .

This category is for Products that are being discontinued and/or moulds that may have a slight flaw. They may be slight seconds with a little section that will need a tiny amount of smoothing with your finger once the moulded piece is made, or they may be prototypes .  Or they may just be not very neat on the outside part of the Mould - again nothing that affects its function . 

All items in this section are new 


Stencil - French Script
Regular price £4.00
Halloween Stencils
Regular price £4.00
Stencil - Be My Valentine
Regular price £4.00
Edible Sprinkles - Electro Punk
Regular price £2.25 Sold Out
Stencil - Penguins Heart
Regular price £4.00 Sold Out
Edible Sprinkles - Rainbow Confetti
Regular price £2.15 Sold Out
Edible Sprinkles- Unicorn Party
Regular price £2.25
Stencil - Rose Love
Regular price £4.00
Stencil - Lobster Love
Regular price £4.00
Edible Sprinkles - Sugar Strands
Regular price £2.10
Edible Sprinkles- Cosmic Rainbow
Regular price £2.75
Stencils - Valentine Special
Regular price £7.50