SweetStamps - Cookie Set

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The SweetStamps Cookie Set contains both Upper and Lower Case Alphabets plus Numbers and Symbols .  (Also duplicates of several letters a,e,o, p,I, u, s  .   This set can be used for cupcakes and cookies but also for big cakes and cake boards (see photo examples ) 

The Cookie Set is one of the smallest of the sets we have available . Other fonts are Elegant, Sweetsticks, Handwritten, Curly, Magical , Vanilla  and Classic (listed separately)

Approx size of Uppercase A = 1.6cm tall  and lowercase a = 0.9cm tall 

We also have a round Pick Up Pad listed separately which isn’t essential , but is a great timesaver if you need to repeat your chosen wording on several cupcakes or cookies . 

Simply remove the required letters from its ‘tray’ - we recommend using a scribe tool or a small ball of soft fondant to lift them out - press into the sugarpaste, lift off and there you go - beautifully embossed wording 😊. You can use any edible paints or lustre dusts to then paint within the embossed letters if you wish . 

Fine detail brushes and the new Edibleart Metallic  Paint Palettes are listed separately